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A Plan

Is it weird that this site is starting because another one is ending?

Is it even weirder that this LIFE is starting because another one is ending?

Not my LIFE, maybe, but the life I had planned to live. And not that I really knew what was going to happen in that aforementioned life, but you get the point, right? That this is the first step to the new life I will be living.

It’s a tricky one. It’s one that is full of “parenting time”, and “child support” and “spousal maintenance”…words I thought would NEVER pertain to me or my babies. But they do, so we must always rise to the challenges that life presents us, do we not?

So, here’s to a new beginning!

One filled with critters and plants and gardens and chickens, just to start with. And I’ll be sharing it with you, if you are even a teeny tiny bit interested. I’ll share the plans, the triumphs, and even the failures, because heaven knows, there’s solidarity in numbers!

And to start off my new beginning, I have been (surprise, surprise!) reading. Like, a LOT.

This is my new favorite book right now: “The Backyard Homestead” . It’s being bookmarked, dog eared, underlined all over the place, and I highly recommend it to ANYONE if you’d like to get started on growing your own food (or if you just want a beginner’s take on homesteading).

Wanna know what she says moved me?

“Start small”.

I started with a small square that was last year’s tomato patch. This year it’s going to be a whole batch of my boys’ favorite veggie; carrots!

So if you have a teeny apartment, that means start with a package of seeds in a window ledge.

If you have a yard, find a spot for a fruit tree or two.

I have a yard. AND some land, so I have plans for that land. And plans for tomorrow…and next week. And the month of March.

So I am taking steps forward. It’s rewarding. And somehow…it’s healing.


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